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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2019 Nominees, Snubs and Flubs Review

  October 09, 2018  ~    19.55 MB
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2019 Nominees, Snubs and Flubs Review




The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame just announced their nominees for their 2019 class, who are set to be inducted on March 29, 2019.

Nominees include:

Radiohead, Def Leppard, Stevie Nicks, Rage Against the Machine, the Cure, Devo, Janet Jackson, Kraftwerk, LL Cool J, Roxy Music, Todd Rundgren, John Prine, MC5, Rufus featuring Chaka Khan and the Zombies.

But... does it really matter at this point? I say, put them ALL in. I'm tired of arguing over who deserves to be in or not. The fact is, the criteria for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has CHANGED and the bar lowered SO much, that practically ANY fairly popular artist can be considered for inclusion.

Is it really a "rock and roll" hall of fame anymore? When you look at some of the artists who have been inducted recently, such as Grandmaster Flash, N.W.A., Public Enemy, Run DMC or Tupac, they are FAR from rock and roll. Just to be clear, I'm not saying these artists are bad in any way, they're just not rock bands.

If this is the direction the RRHOF has chosen to go when it comes to bands eligible for induction into their hall of fame, it's safe to assume we're now talking about more of a "pop culture" or "popular music" hall of fame. Certainly, artists like Tupac, Run DMC or Public Enemy have been tremendous influences on pop culture and are well deserving of such an award.

The same can be said for "pop music" as artists like Madonna and Abba have been inducted and they, as well, are not rock and rollers either. Having those artists in the RRHOF will just pave the way for Lady GaGa or Taylor Swift at some future date.

There's even ROCK bands who have been inducted and shouldn't have been, especially so EARLY. Green Day, for example, were inducted the same year they were nominated while other classic rock staples like Rush, Kiss, Yes, The Moody Blues and more had to wait DECADES before they were even CONSIDERED, with some even losing key members along the way.

Speaking of members, when certain bands finally do get in, some key members don't even get inducted. With Deep Purple, their guitarist of the past 20 years, Steve Morse, was not inducted into the hall of fame. However, the Red Hot Chili Peppers newcomer guitarist, Josh Klinghoffer, was inducted and bassist Robert Trujillo, who I don't believe had even recorded with Metallica yet, was inducted. Basically, there's a lack of consistency across many factors that go into these decisions for nominees and inductees.

Between disrespecting key band members to picking artists from genres outside of rock and roll, I believe the RRHOF has only watered down their product and, simply put, it's not quite the honor it used to be.

As mentioned in the video, they're like MTV. There once was a time when MTV was TRULY "music television" by playing music videos 24/7. Eventually they turned to game shows, stand-up comedy, politics and reality series, a far cry from what they originally set out to accomplish. The SAME can be said for the RRHOF. What once began as a way to honor the pioneers of rock and roll has since turned into a pop culture popularity contest. The least they can do is change the name to reflect it.

What do you think of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? What are your 5 picks for next years induction?

Here are my picks for next year... let's see how many I get right

Def Leppard
Stevie Nicks
Janet Jackson
The Zombies

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